Single Stream Recycling Guide

by Middletown Springs on October 29, 2012

• Rinse clean. Food and beverage containers only.
• No light bulbs, Pyrex, drinking glasses, window panes, or ceramics.

• Separate cap from container. Do not puncture cans.
• No full or partially full containers. Deliver paint, cleansers, automotive sprays, and other hazardous fluids to local hazardous waste disposal site.

• Rinse clean.
• No aluminum with stuck-on food or grease

• Rinse clean. Food and beverage cans only. Labels are OK. Can lids are OK placed inside the cans.
• No oil filters or scrap metal.

BOXBOARD (cereal, shoe, and dry-food boxes, soda carries, paper egg cartons, tissue boxes, paper towel and toilet paper cores)
• Empty. Remove and discard plastic liners.
• No styrofoam cups. No stuck-on food or grease.

CORRUGATED CARDBOARD (boxes with a wavy center layer. )
• Empty. Staples, tape, and labels are OK.
• No oil, paint, or chemical stained, wet unclean, or wax-coated cardboard. No strapping or string. No plastic, filmy, or foam packing materials.

ENVELOPES & OPENED MAIL (white, colored, gummed, and window envelopes. )
• Remove non-paper enclosers. (e.g., CDs, plastic cards, etc.) and strings. Labels are OK.
• No Tyvek or plastic envelopes. No bubble wrap padded mailers..

MAGAZINES & SOFT-COVER BOOKS (glue or staple-bound publications, paperback books, phone books, catalogs, etc.)
• Must be clean and dry. Phone books are OK year-round.
• No plastic wrapping, CDs or plastic covers.

NEWSPAPER (all sections and inserts )
• Must be clean and dry. Remove from plastic bags. Do not tie with string.
• None That are contaminated with food, paint, oil, pet waste, etc. No plastic bags.

SHREDDED PAPER (confidential Documents. )
• Place in clear plastic bags and tie bag shut.
• No shredded plastic (credit cards, etc.)

WHITE & COLORED PAPER (printed, letterhead, copier paper, glossy flyers & brochures, file folders, craft paper, manilla folders, index cards, construction paper, non-metallic wrapping paper, tissue paper & cards. )
• Must be clean and dry. No need to remove plastic tabs, paper clips & metal hanging-file strips. Staples are also OK
• No pressure-sensitive duplication forms. No foil paper. No paper towels or facial tissue, No stickers or sticker backing material.

PLASTICS 1-7 & RIGID PLASTICS (containers, bottles & jugs for foods, beverages, beauty, and cleaning products, detergents, dairy tubs (yogurt, sour cream, etc.) 5 gallon pails, laundry baskets, sleds, take-out containers, flower pots and trays, and frozen-food trays. Minimum size: 2” on any 2 sides)
• Rinse clean.
• No filmy or pliable plastic (grocery bags, bubble wrap, etc.). No foam polystyrene (Styrofoam) products such as cups, take-out containers, packaging blocks and peanuts, etc. No housewares, office products, etc. No motor oil containers or electronics housing. No biodegradable plastics (PLA).fiber

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