Property Tax Installment #1 DUE

by Middletown Springs on September 3, 2013

Property Tax Installment #1 for 2013/2014 taxes is due before or on Monday, September 16, 2013. Yes, that’s September 16 this year since the 15 is on a Sunday!  I’ll be in the town office from 1 – 4 pm on the 16th to collect any outstanding 1st quarter taxes.

Please note: For those of you who have still not received credit or notification of your homestead rebate, please pay the 1st installment of your taxes as listed on your Property Tax Bill. Once we have been notified of your rebate by the State of Vermont, your taxes will be adjusted accordingly and you will be sent an updated property tax bill.

It is important to note that if your tax is being paid by your mortgage company or your bank, it is YOUR responsibility to give them the adjusted bill to pay when it becomes available.

Finally, if for some reason, you have not received your property tax bill, please contact me at 235-3256 or and let me know – please indicate for which property you need the bill as well as the name under which the property is listed.

Jenny Talke Munyak

Town Treasurer

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