Candidates Recap – Town Meeting Results 2014

by Middletown Springs on March 21, 2014

Town Meeting Results 2014
Candidates Recap

All uncontested seats were filled with the person who ran.  For contested races, the winner is listed in bold.  Write-in’s and appointments will be announced on the Town Website as soon as they are available.

Town Moderator (1 Year):      Blank
Town Agent  (1 Year):          Blank
Tax Collector  (1 Year):      Laura Castle
Town Constable (1 Year):      Blank
Selectmen (3 Years):         Herb Childress      James Webber
Selectmen (2 Years):        Shirley D. Moyer
Selectmen  (1 Year):        Terry A. Redfield
Lister (3 Years):        Randy Kniffin
Auditor  (1 Year):         Jim Georg
Planning Commission (2 Years):  Maureen McCormack
Planning Commission (3 Years):  Blank
Planning Commission (4 Years):  Blank
Library Trustee (3 Years):    Lois Dansereau
Library Trustee (3 Years):    Patricia McWilliams
Town Grand Juror  (1 Year):     David Munyak
Trustee Copeland Church Fund (1 Year): Daniel McKeen
Trustee Copeland Cemetery Fund  (1 Year):  Blank
Trustee Louis Fund & Other Public Monies (2 Years): Blank
School Treasurer (1 Year):      Jenny Talke Munyak
School District Clerk  (1 Year):    Blank
School Moderator  (1 Year):      Blank
School Director (2 Years):     Meredith Morgan
School Director (3 Years):     Sarah Haley

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