Homestead Declarations due April 15

by Middletown Springs on March 9, 2015

Important Notice to Property Owners from the Board of Listers:

Homestead Declarations are required annually and must be filed with the Vermont Tax Department by April 15. If you are a Vermont resident and own and occupy a Vermont dwelling as your principal residence on April 1, 2014, you must file Form HS-122. The Declaration is necessary so that your property is charged the residential tax rate and is a prerequisite to a Property Tax Adjustment.

Property Tax Adjustment eligibility is based on homesite value and your income. Generally an adjustment is not available to households whose income is $105,000 or more. Use form HS-122, Sect. B.

Eligibility for Property Tax Adjustment is as follows:

  • You must have been a Vermont resident all of calendar year 2014.
  • You must not have been claimed as a dependent for tax year 2014.
  • You owned and occupied the property as your principal residence on April 1, 2015.

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