Creative Economy Community Meeting ReCap

by Middletown Springs on February 8, 2016


An interested and supportive group of 35 folks turned out on Sunday, January 31st for the      Creative Economy project meeting at the Middletown Springs Historical Society dining room.

The key items presented and discussed included:


“To build the economic vitality of Middletown Springs as a great place to live, work and visit, our community-based group fosters linkages between individuals, businesses and community groups, creating a platform for community cohesion and strength”


“A vibrant, welcoming community of diverse, creative people that all contribute to the economic and community well-being of Middletown Springs”



The Creative Economy project will carry out its works by tapping into the interests, talents and skills of the people of Middletown Springs.  Based on the energy of interested individuals and community groups we will work together to accomplish targeted initiatives.  A core group will serve in a coordinating role and will meet quarterly in conjunction with the Planning Commission.


A detailed plan with three key objectives

  1. attract visitors (potential customers) to Middletown Springs.
  2. bring consumers to Middletown Spring’s businesses for increased revenue in person or virtually on-line)
  3. attract potential new residents and/or businesses to Middletown Springs.

During the meeting discussion period there was considerable talk/ buzz around “low cost – no cost” activities contained in the marketing plan and the prospects for a cooperative-style arts & agriculture center in town.

Also attending the meeting were Rutland Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Ed Bove, Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tom Donahue and Lyle Jepsen the Executive Director of the Rutland Economic Development Corporation & Dean of Entrepreneurial Programs at Castleton University.  All enthusiastically offered ongoing support for the Creative Economy project in Middletown Springs.

If you’d like to be part of the discussion and stay posted on Creative Economy news and events just contact anyone of us and we’ll put you on our email contact list.  There will be a variety of ways to get involved as we take on specific creative economy initiatives/projects. What are some of the ways you would like to get involved? Let us know!

Nick Seidner,

Tom Hurcomb,

Ryan Mahar,

Kathy Letendre –


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