Unofficial Results from Town Meeting – 2017

by Middletown Springs on March 8, 2017

What follows are UNOFFICIAL election results from Middletown Springs. These are from the tabulator tape, and the counting crew was still at work hand-examining ballots when these numbers were released.  Official results will come from the Town Clerk once certified.

If there’s anything where the margin of lead was smaller than the blank or spoiled ballots, we considered them too close to call at the moment.

Total Vote Count—349

Town Officials

All unopposed races were won handily (250 votes or more). 

  • Kimberly Mathewson, Town Moderator
  • Terry Redfield, Select Board 2-year
  • Randy Kniffen, Lister
  • Patty McWilliams and Diane Rosenmiller, Library Trustees
  • David Munyak, Grand Juror
  • Dan McKeen, Copeland Church Fund
  • Hilary Solomon, Planning Commission 2-year
  • Tom Hurcomb, Planning Commission 3-year

In the one contested race, Herb Childress retained the 3-year seat on the Select Board by a margin of 44 votes, totaling 57% of the named votes, with 2 write-ins and 16 blanks.

Results for the races with no named candidates will be announced by the Town Clerk in the official results, as the counting crew examines numerous write-in selections.

Town Ballot Initiatives

  • Article 2, accepting the Auditor’s Report, passed at 82%
  • Article 3, accepting the Town Plan, passed at 68%
  • Article 4, the Town General Budget, passed at 63%
  • Article 5, the Highway Budget, passed at 67%
  • Article 6, the Junk & Junk Vehicle ordinance, passed at 62%
  • Article 7, the ATV ordinance, failed at 33%
  • Article 8, letting the Board set Town Meeting time, passed at 84%
  • Article 9, establishing the Tax Stabilization Fund, passed at 66%
  • Article 10, allocating General Government surplus to the Building fund, passed at 63% 

All of the funding requests were passed at 59% or higher EXCEPT two:

  • Article 30, Big Heavy World, failed at 42%
  • Article 31, the Regional Marketing Initiative, was too close to call 

Middletown Springs School Board

  • Article 2, the school budget, passed at 61%
  • Article 3, moving $35,000 to the Capital Maintenance Fund, passed at 66%
  • all three unopposed races (Chris Smid for Board 2-year, Sarah Haley for Board 3-year, and Kimberly Mathewson for Moderator) were won with at least 280 votes each 

Middletown Springs / Wells School Consolidation

  • Article 1, asking to approve the merged Wells Springs district, passed at 70%. However, the Merger Vote in Wells went down by ONE VOTE (recounted and verified). So the consolidation remains uncertain.
  • All uncontested races were won handily, though these tallies will be combined with vote counts from Wells to come to consolidated totals.
  • Meredith Morgan won the at-large seat at 78% in Middletown Springs, though again these tallies must be combined with the votes from Wells.


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