Unofficial Election Results, November 6, 2018

by Middletown Springs on November 7, 2018

For the most up-to-date statewide results, please go to .

Middletown Springs had the highest vote turnout in memory, with 460 voters coming through the polling center. By comparison, the presidential election of November 2016 had 420 voters. Thanks to everyone who turned out to vote, and who did the work of registering new voters over the past few months. Thanks also to the dedicated team of election workers who handled the crowds with accuracy and grace.

We had two local-only questions. First, our new array of Justices of the Peace are Elizabeth Cooper, Martha Heitkamp, Patricia Hemenway, Nora Rubinstein, and Leslie Silver. Second, the petitioned ballot item requesting that the Town urge increased state action on energy use reduction passed by a two-to-one margin, at 303-142.

The regional race with the greatest local attention prior to the election was the State Representative seat. Overall, that was won by Robin Chesnut-Tangerman by a vote of 1,162-989, or roughly 53% to 45%, with about 2% blank. There are five towns in that district, and Chesnut-Tangerman won four of them, with Cleveland taking the town of Wells. In Middletown Springs only, the vote was 265-184, with 11 cards not voted.

The other regional race of substantial interest was for State Senate seats representing Rutland County. Overall, those seats were won (in order of vote count) by Brian Collamore, Cheryl Hooker, and James McNeil. Middletown Springs voters had a slightly different order, with Greg Cox, Cheryl Hooker and Scott Garren as the three leading vote-getters.

Other local and regional races resulted in no surprises: Rose Kennedy for State’s Attorney, Stephen Benard as Sheriff, David Fox as High Baliff, Jean Coloutti and David Lewis for assistant judge.

Again, the Secretary of State’s website will have the most complete and current accounting of all state and regional races.

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