50th Memorial Day Parade & Video

by Middletown Springs on June 10, 2019

The Middletown Springs ‘Memorial Day Parade Committee’ pulled off the 50th edition of this small-town Memorial celebration. And…..it didn’t rain on the MTS Memorial Day Parade!

PEGTV’s video of the parade may be found at www.pegtv.com and then click video on demand tab, and it is posted under recent videos or the direct link to the video is  https://videoplayer.telvue.com/player/MFXsvSYzjQOlecorW3Sq8GyBkhIm0OQN/media/484927?autostart=false&showtabssearch=true&fullscreen=false&jwsource=em
Many thanks to Chris McCormack at PEGTV who did the editing and produced a very fine video of the 50th Memorial Day Parade.  Thanks also to Bill C who did the filming.  

As you may know, since the local Grange No. 476 dissolved several years ago, a rag-tag group of volunteers have worked behind the scenes to keep this tradition alive. This is only a PARTIAL list of thank you’s to some of the volunteers; there are many others whose help and assistance we all appreciate. MR. B (Bob Bruttomesso) for his tireless organization and communication skills; Linda Peavy (and Jenn Tifft’s 5th & 6th grade class) for their interest and learning and presentations on the Green; Stan Achey – emcee extraordinaire;Sally Achey for researching and presenting the powerful message of the Gold Star mom’s letter. Mathews George and the Community Church participation; Alice Hoisington for taking charge of the parade lineup; Herb Childress for his assistance with the lineup as well.

Justin Haynes for coordinating and cordoning off all of the parking/no parking areas; Luke Larson for providing the trailer at the 4-corners; Tom and Linda Hurcomb for coordinating and setting up for the PEG-TV broadcast; Pat Hemenway, Chris Fenton,  and Cheryl Mahoney for narrating the event. Emmett Francois, Bob Haynes, Tyler Manning, and Rich Alberti and other veterans participating in the program. Melissa Chesnut-Tangerman for all of her assistance, organization, and communication contacts; and Vicki Arseneault (and staff at Grant’s Village Store) for helping to collect donations, sell T-shirts, and everything else that she routinely does for this Town.

All of the staff and students in MSES for their study and participation; and to each and every organization and individual who marched and/or created a float of some kind. We couldn’t provide a Parade without citizen engagement and participation, and we all appreciate an enthusiastic and responsive audience.

The Committee also has a good selection of 50th anniversary T-shirts remaining for sale; sizes S/M/L/XL/2XL and ONLY $10.00 each. Hats with mesh backs/snap closure are also available for only $10. While we have raised $650.00 so far from these sales, the break-even point is $925.00, so we still have a ways to go. Get yours while you still can!! They are sure to be collectors items!

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