Firehouse Design Study

by Middletown Springs on January 2, 2021

Centerline Architects & Planners and Russel Construction Company to lead design study on Middletown Springs Fire House

  Centerline Architects & Planners, a structural engineering firm with offices in Bennington and Burlington, and Rutland area-based construction firm Russel Construction have been selected to co- lead the evaluation of the Middletown Springs Volunteer Fire Department’s facility in order to provide the citizens of Middletown Springs the most cost-effective way to have a safe, efficient, and effective facility for Fire and Safety Services for the town. 

  The study, already underway, is looking at ways to refurbish and expand the current facility (and bring it up to modern safety codes) and the possibility of structure replacement.  Costs of the options are critical to the decision-making process.

  Parts of the current structure date to the 1980’s and additions and repairs (from fire and weather-related damage) have been made in order to fit the equipment needed at the time to provide adequate safety protection for our town.  As equipment ages out and is replaced, government regulations require larger vehicles with more equipment on them.  Also, with the addition of some smaller pieces of equipment , such as an ATV, snowmobile, and emergency sleds, the department has had great success in accessing  hard to reach properties during inclement weather. “

  Building quality in the areas of electrical, insulation, cancer-causing materials, roofing materials, and internal egress are no longer up to modern code.  These violations directly impact the safety of our volunteer fireman, they could possibly shut down the facility, leaving the town without adequate fire and emergency protection. 

  All the above equipment, serving the variety of properties and activities of our town, need to be adequately stored, and be provided with a safe and efficient place for their maintenance.  The facility must be up to modern safety standards for the Fire Department and other Municipal personnel that use the facility.

  The design investigation process began this fall and has been done with communication and input from the Middletown Springs Select Board.  The study is funded by the Middletown Springs Fire Association Building Fund and is expected to wrap up at the end of January 2021. 

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