Firehouse Feasibility Study

by Middletown Springs on March 2, 2021

Centerline Architects & Planners and Russel Construction Company delivered their Feasibility Study to the Middletown Springs Fire Association at the end of January. The study investigated the most cost-effective way to have a safe, efficient, and effective facility for Fire and Safety Services for the town. 

The study looked at ways to refurbish and expand the current facility (and bring it up to modern safety codes) and the possibility of structure replacement.  Costs of the options are critical to the decision-making process.

The design investigation process was begun last fall and has been done with communication and input from the Middletown Springs Select Board.  The study was funded by the Middletown Springs Fire Association Building Fund.  

Here is a link to study. For further reference, it has been added to the Fire Department page of this website. 

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