Disaster/Emergency Planning

Resources for COVID-19 Response and Protection

June 2020
As summer arrives, attention is now turning to the strategies that can keep the disease from resurfacing in late summer or fall. The Governor and State agencies are working to rejuvenate Vermont’s economy, even as they continue to carefully monitor health data and to offer recommendations or requirements for our safety.

Here are places to turn for the most current information and guidance.

For the Governor’s executive orders and declarations: https://governor.vermont.gov/covid19response

For the Department of Health’s recommendations for personal and community safety: https://www.healthvermont.gov/response/coronavirus-covid-19

For the Agency of Commerce and Community Development’s regulations and restrictions on business activity: https://accd.vermont.gov/covid-19

For the Department of Labor’s unemployment assistance: https://labor.vermont.gov/PEUC

For all other Vermont questions, you can always start with the State’s homepage, at https://www.vermont.gov, and find the agency most relevant to your needs or requests.

For information on Rutland County’s medical response to COVID-19, visit the Rutland Regional Medical Center’s site, at https://www.rrmc.org/patient-visitors/coronavirus/

For the most current national information, the best place to start is with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html.

Local Services for the Town of Middletown Springs

CRITICAL EMERGENCY SERVICES will be available as usual. If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

TOWN OPERATIONS. On May 14, 2020, the Middletown Springs Selectboard adopted an Exposure Control Plan that regulates Town operations. The full plan can be read at this link; however, the summary is:

  • The Town Office is closed to drop-in traffic. Appointments may be made with the Town Clerk at 235-2220. Only one visitor at a time is allowed in the office, and must wear a mask. Officials are working on staggered shifts so that no more than one town official is present in the office at any moment.
  • The Selectboard is offering remote meeting participation via Zoom software. The link to the meeting is included on all Board meeting warnings. Anyone in physical attendance must maintain six-foot distancing, and must wear a mask.
  • The Library is currently closed, though offering porch service on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The Library is staffed in staggered shifts, so that no more than one librarian is present at any time.
  • The Town Garage is closed to visitors. If more than one Highway crew member is present within the garage, they must wear masks.
  • The Transfer Station is open for regular hours. Exact change, checks, or transfer station cards are required for all transactions.
  • Town employees and officers have completed the VOSHA COVID-19 workplace safety training, and certification is available for review by request.

To reach Patty Kenyon, Town Clerk, call 235-2220, or email middletown@vermontel.net.

To reach Jenny Talke Munyak, Town Treasurer, call 235-3256, or email mtstreasurer@vermontel.net.

To reach Sally Achey, Chair of the Board of Listers, call 235-2220, or email mtslisters@vermontel.net. 

Middletown Springs Elementary School. The Governor has ordered the cessation of in-person instruction for the current school year. The Middletown Springs Elementary School is also closed to all public functions. For the most current information about Fall planning, please visit the Greater Rutland County School Union website at http://wp.grcsu.org/

Stores. Grant’s General Store and Sissy’s Kitchen remain in operation, but under restricted conditions.

  • All visitors to Grant’s must wear a mask when entering the store, or will be served at the pass-through window. You can call ahead with an order (235-2251), and items will be brought to you on the porch or to your car. Not more than three customers are allowed within the store at once, and six-foot distancing is expected.
  • Sissy’s Kitchen is open Thursday through Sunday, for takeaway dining only. Orders may be placed by phone (235-2000), with the updated menu available at https://www.sissyskitchen.com. All customers will be served at the pass-through window at the side of the building; six-foot distancing is expected while waiting. Orders telephoned in for takeaway will be in bags on the porch, with a jar for payment. Outdoor tables have been set in the back yard, spaced a minimum of ten feet apart, for customers who would like to eat onsite. However, food will not be delivered to those tables.

Thank you for understanding that these are unusual times, requiring precautions for public safety and health. Many Middletown Springs community members are in the high-risk group, and we believe taking these precautions will help keep ourselves and our community members healthy.

Other Resources

Individuals in need of specific support can contact VT 2-1-1 to speak with a representative who will work with you to determine your needs and connect you with the appropriate agency or service. https://vermont211.org/home You can call their alternate toll-free number at 1-866-652-4636 if you experience difficulty.

For those with ongoing health or mobility concerns, the Citizen Assistance Registry in case of an Emergency (CARE) to sign up for special focus during emergencies. This allows the 911 system to be prepared for special needs, but the information is not made public. https://vermont211.org/disaster-preparedness-temp-page

The Vermont Department of Public Service is maintaining an active list of known public wireless hotspots, so that you can stay connected with friends, family and news. In many cases, you can access those from your car in the parking lot, to reduce interpersonal contact. You can see this resource at https://publicservice.vermont.gov/announcements/public-wifi-hotspots-vermont 

The Middletown Springs Food Project is providing meals to community residents each Tuesday and Saturday evening. Links to the sign-up form are posted on Front Porch Forum in the days leading up to each event. The food costs for each event are ten dollars per meal, but the project is supported by many generous local donors, and all are welcome to come in for a meal regardless of their ability to pay. Other food staples are also available for free distribution on those evenings, as coordinated by Beth Miller and the Rutland County Parent-Child Center.

Nora Rubinstein has assembled a list of stores, restaurants and farms that are providing access to food and services.