Photo Use Policy

Photos displayed on the website are copyrighted by the photographer. Permission to use the photographs is granted for the following limited uses:

  • Photos may be printed from a web browser for personal, non-commercial uses.
  • Photos may be downloaded/copied electronically from a web browser for personal, non-commercial uses, with the following limitations:
    • Photos may not be altered in any way, including resizing or cropping.
    • Photo credits must be provided.
    • Credit should be given as follows: “Photograph by [photographer’s name]. Used by permission from”

Photos may not be sold or used in any way for profit or commercial purposes, including use in commercial or professional websites or printed materials. Photos may not be used to suggest endorsement by the Town of Middletown Springs, Vermont for a product or service.

If a photo depicting you and/or your children appears on the website and you would like it removed, please send an email to and the photo will be removed promptly.