Responsibility and Requirements

The main responsibility of the Board of Listers is to appraise property within the town for the purpose of property tax assessment.  Generally speaking, assessment equity is the degree to which assessments bear a consistent relationship to market value.

Many of the Listers activities have requirements from the State of Vermont concerning timing, notification and format, as well as substance, which must be adhered to strictly.

Important Dates

  • The assessment date of all property is April 1 of each year.
  • Homestead Declarations are required annually and must be filed by April 15  [for 2021: deadline is May 15]
  • Change of assessment notices were mailed in early June.
  • Grievances must be filed within 14 days after the notice.

Homestead Declarations are required annually and must be filed with the Vermont Tax Department by April 15. If you plan to file with your Vermont personal income taxes and you file for an extension, you must still file the Homestead Declaration by April 15. Late filers will be penalized.

Property Tax Adjustment Claim and Eligibility Requirements.
The Vermont Property Tax Adjustment assists many Vermont homeowners with paying their property taxes. You may be eligible for a property tax adjustment if your property qualifies as a homestead and you meet the eligibility requirements. The maximum property tax adjustment you can receive is $8,000. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • The property must be declared as your homestead.
  • You were domiciled in Vermont for the entire 2020 calendar year.
  • You were not claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer.
  • You own the property as your principal residence on April 1, 2021.
  • You meet the household income criteria of $138,500 or less.

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