Licenses & Regulations

NOTICE – RABIES CLINICS 3.18 & 3.25.2023

Dog Licenses:

Vermont state law requires all dogs or wolf-hybrids be licensed with the Town Clerk each year on or before April 1. All license fees include funds required to be sent to the state rabies and spay and neuter programs.

Licensure requires that all dogs or wolf-hybrids over the age of 3 months have a current rabies vaccination. Certification of vaccination must be on file with or presented to the Town Clerk at the time of registration.

WHY SHOULD I REGISTER MY DOG? 1) helps identify your dog if lost, 2) provides proof your dog is protected from rabies in the event your dog is bitten by a rabid animal, but would still need immediate medical attention, 3) if your dog bites an animal or person – which could result in quarantine or possible euthanasia to test for infection, and 4) helps pay for VSNIP, addressing the population situation in Vermont.

Most importantly, when someone finds a loose or injured dog, the first place they call is the Town Office. If I have your information, I can help to reunite you. I get countless calls where I have no good information to help get a pet back home quickly. Please help me, help you by making time to get your dog registered. 

Registration Information

For animals adopted and registered or before April 1, 2023

Neutered or Spayed – $9.00     Not Neutered or Spayed – $13.00

If registered after April 1, 2023, late fees apply

Neutered or Spayed – $11.00   Not Neutered or Spayed – $17.00

New animal adoptions after April 1, 2023, have 30 days to register without incurring a late fee. After the 30-day grace period standard late fees will apply.

For new animal adoptions after October 1, 2023, fees are as follows (within 30 days of adoption):

Neutered or Spayed – $7.00   Not Neutered or Spayed – $9.00

Late registration fees after October 1, 2023:

Neutered or Spayed – $9.00   Not-neutered or Spayed – $11.00

Middletown Springs also has an animal control ordinance in effect. The full ordinance can be found on the Town’s website at  If you are the owner of a dog or wolf-hybrid please review the town ordinance to be sure you are in compliance.

Each year the Selectboard appoints an animal control officer. Current information on who the town’s animal control officer is can be found on the town’s website at

Lastly, if your schedule just doesn’t fit the clerk’s office hours, you can still get your pet registered. If we don’t already have your information on file, you can mail your rabies certificate, license fee and any other pertinent information to PO Box 1232, Middletown Springs 05757 and I will complete the registration and mail you back the license and tag. 

Town Clerk’s office hours: 

Monday & Tuesday from 9am to 4pm and Thursday & Friday from 1pm to 4pm.

PH: 802-235-2220 | Email: