Community Phone Directory

Now in its 9th edition soon to be 10th, the Middletown Springs Telephone & Business Directory has become an indispensable tool for keeping in touch with neighbors or finding a service. As members of the Community & Economic Development subcommittee of the Planning Commission, Kimberly Bushnell and Leslie Silver started The Directory with the hope that it would help build our sense of community and encourage our town economy. Maria Riley’s design skills provide the clean and functional layout of the finished product.

This nearly biannual directory is produced with volunteer labor. The printing is paid for by the businesses and people in town who buy the card size ads in the back of The Directory. 

One copy of The Directory is delivered free to all residents. Additional copies may be purchased for $2 at the Town Office or Public Library.


  • Listings are free and include: telephone listings for full-time & seasonal residents, business listings with short descriptions for Middletown Springs-based businesses and services.
  • To add or change a listing, contact Leslie Silver at or 235-2335.

Advertising Rates:

  • ¼ Page (business card size) $25 Existing ad renewal/$30 changes or New ad. 
  • ½ Page $50 Existing ad renewal/$55 Changes or New ad 
  • Full page ad $100
  • For more information, contact Maria Riley at or 235-2624.