Welcome to Middletown Springs, Vermont!


Our picturesque town was officially founded in 1784 when citizens of the towns of Ira, Poultney, Wells, and Tinmouth petitioned the Vermont legislature to create a new town bounded by the ridges that prevented them from attending meetings and worship services in their original towns. Defined by the encircling mountains, Middletown Springs became one of Vermont’s uniquely shaped communities. At 23 square miles, it is slightly smaller than the average Vermont town, but boasts an enormous sense of community spirit and civic engagement.

Over the years, our population has waxed and waned, and today about 750 residents make up our close-knit rural community. Our rich history as a production center and resort destination continues to lend character to the town. Nearby lakes, rivers, and mountains offer plentiful opportunities for outdoor recreation. Our elementary school, public library, general store, and local eatery provide the perfect venues for casual chats and other activities, from fundraising dinners to deer-hunting pools. It is truly, in the words of one of our town’s prominent historians, a “gem in the hills.”

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