Disaster/Emergency Planning


  • To report hazardous road conditions, contact the Town Garage at 802-235-2024 or middletown.roads@gmail.com
  • To report an aggressive or uncontrolled animal, or an animal in abuse, contact Animal Control Officer James Reed at 802-558-4239, or reedredneckemt@aol.com
  • To report unsafe or unhealthy living conditions, or hazardous conditions on a property, contact Local Health Officer Laura Derrindinger, at 202-864-9312, or derrindinger@gmail.com
  • To request a burn permit, contact Fire Warden James Reed at 802-558-4239, or reedredneckemt@aol.com
  • For questions about home and property fire safety, contact Fire Chief Joe Castle at 802-235-2160, or chiefcastle1@gmail.com

The Town works with Rutland Regional Planning Commission and Vermont Emergency Management to plan for emergency response.

  • The Local Emergency Management Plan is updated every April. It contains information about local resources and contact information for people who can offer assistance or help to manage a crisis.
  • The Local Hazard Mitigation Plan is updated every five years. It lays out how the Town will respond to road and power-outage conditions in the most common natural-event conditions: road washouts/flooding; severe cold, snow, and icing; and high wind, heavy rain, and hail.

For any information or questions about emergency planning or response, please contact Middletown Springs Emergency Management Director Herb Childress at 802-235-2093 or herb.childress@gmail.com

The current Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP) and the current Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement are linked below. For news and updates on local emergency situations sign up to Front Porch Forum or subscribe to the town’s “Subscribe to News Updates” by adding your email address at the bottom of the right sidebar. 

Middletown Springs LEMP 2023

Public Works Mutual Aid Agreement 2023