Henderson Scholarship Fund Awarded

by Middletown Springs on January 25, 2013

Middletown Springs’ Henderson Scholarship Fund Awarded

The Henderson Fund Selection Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of a $500.00 Henderson Scholarship Fund Award for January 2013.  The Henderson Fund is under the auspices of the Middletown Springs Trustees of Public Monies.

The Scholarship Fund is awarded to Middletown Springs’ students who are beginning their college careers.

  • Timothy Carr, son of Dale and Kim Carr, is attending Gordon College.
  • Emma Lamberton, daughter of Raymond and Annisa Lamberton, is attending Geneva College.
  • Zoe Carswell, daughter of Karen Moulder, is attending University of Bath.

On behalf of the Henderson Fund Trustees, Middletown Springs Selectmen and Middletown Springs School Board we extend congratulations to Emma, Zoe and Timothy and wish them well in their college careers.

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Honey March 1, 2013 at 3:51 pm

It would be wonderful to know the history of Public Monies left in trust for Middletown Springs Residents

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